Are you… Good with Computers? Good at collaborating? If yes, then Mechatronics might be the best career path for you.

Mechatronics is the manufacturing of today. It synthesizes mechanical and electric engineering, robotics and computer programming to produce and maintain cutting edge systems and processes. York Tech’s program is designed to be taken as a stand-alone program, or as a continuation of the Industrial Maintenance Technology (IMT) degree. Graduates of York Tech’s IMT program only have to take seven more classes that cover advanced “hands-on” skillsets. It only takes two years to complete to join the high-tech, high demand field.


  • Operating unmanned machinery such as.. submarines, air crafts, oil rigs
  • Assisting engineers with robotics equipment… testing, maintaining, designing
  • Working on specialized equipment used in… school and universities, hospitals, production facilities


  • Bottom 10%: $37,350/YR
  • On average: $62,800/YR
  • Top 10%: $95,340/YR


Entry-level jobs in the mechatronics industry require a two-year associate degree in Mechatronics. These two years will require hands-on classes in subjects such as:

  • Robotics and computer programming
  • Hydraulics and fluid mechanics
  • Electronics and pneumatics

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