Dual Enrollment at York Technical College allows junior and senior high school students. We are providing High school students with the chance to earn college credit while still attending high school to earn their diplomas.

Dual Enrollment is designed explicitly for YTC’s surrounding community, catering to York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties. YTC has this program open for private, charter, and home school services. We are giving students the chance to experience College before graduating high school.

What are the requirements for Dual Enrollment?

High school students, age 16 or older, who meet the necessary college-level placement requirements and course prerequisites, may enroll in York Technical College courses held on campuses, at one of the College’s extensions sites, or, in some cases, at their high school.

What classes can a Dual Enrollment student take?

YTC offers over 100 programs of study, and dual enrollment students can participate in most of these programs. YTC emphasizes all students completing meaningful college credentials and excellence in Career and Technical Education (CATE). YTC offers multiple CATE completion pathways from auto collision to welding to its dual enrollment students. Dual enrollment students can also benefit from the university transfer program, where the students can take individual transfer courses, complete the University Studies Certificate, or a transfer associate degree.

How can students enroll in Dual Enrollment?

High school students are selected for Dual Enrollment at YTC according to the policies and practices established by each high school, K-12 school district, and YTC. To take dual enrollment classes, students need to receive permission from their high school and meet the YTC course and/or program placement requirements with a high school GPA of 3.0 or by achieving the required placement test score.

Who pays the college tuition for Dual Enrollment courses?

In some cases, high school students have the tuition for their YTC class paid for by their high school. In other cases, students and their parents/guardians are responsible for the tuition and fees. Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) is available for students who qualify as State of South Carolina residents and take at least six semester credit hours of qualifying coursework. LTA helps defray some of the dual enrollment tuition costs. Additional scholarships may apply to dual enrollment students.

The difference between Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit

  • Dual Enrollment allows a student to enroll in a course at YTC and receive college credit while still in high school.
  • Dual Credit means the student may receive both high school and College credit for the course taken through YTC. The awarding of dual credit is an option determined by the high school.

To learn more about Dual Enrollment at York Technical College don’t hesitate to contact Dual Enrollment Services by e-mailing [email protected].