Myth # 1

A degree from a community college isn’t as good as a university degree.

False! A degree from your community college in many cases is a step directly into the job market.  York Technical College has over 100 programs that lead to a degree or certificate in two years or less and prepare students to enter the workforce. It means a career with responsibilities and chances for promotion and personal growth. A degree from YTC may also mean transferring to the university of your choice and graduating with a baccalaureate degree, which can open up a host of possibilities. Remember, attending a community college for two years gives you two years to save money, and that could give you the opportunity to attend a university without getting into tons of student loan debt. Community colleges want you to go someplace else—after us! That’s the community college difference.

Myth # 2

The people who go to a community college are the ones who can’t get in anywhere else.

Wrong! All sorts of people go to community colleges. In fact, we are the first choice of many local high school seniors and are often frequented by people with high levels of educational completion. We offer a variety of courses in healthcare, business, computers, liberal arts, etc. as well as honors programs, convenient scheduling, and vibrant student life to give you the ideal college experience. In fact, U.S. News and World Report reported that community college graduates perform better academically than native university students.

Myth # 3

Faculty at community colleges aren’t the same as faculty in baccalaureate institutions.

This may not be a myth, after all. We don’t have any lecture halls that seat 500 and we don’t have any graduate assistants. We educate you differently than large universities. We offer faculty who will meet with you before and after class just to make sure you’re learning. Faculty who are current and up-to-date with what they are teaching, who have masters’ and Ph.D. degrees related to what they love to do: teach. You’ll be taught by faculty members who care about you and value your education. We don’t think you get “just as good” education at a community college as you get elsewhere—we think you get a better one.

Myth # 4

The course credits don’t transfer.

Bunk! Our course credits transfer. That’s how they are designed. In educational jargon, there is an ‘articulation agreement’ between the institutions—equivalent courses must cover the same material with the same depth. If you follow one of our many transfer credit programs, you’ll be able to transfer your courses to any South Carolina public institution, and many private ones, too. Our academic advisors have course lists from many four-year institutions in South Carolina to help you plan your class schedule with the classes that will transfer to the school of your choice for the program you want to study.  Simply allow our professional academic advisors to help you select the best courses and programs.


Remember The Truth…

York Technical College wants you to succeed. We will do our best to help you achieve your education and career goals, so upon graduation, you are immediately employable or ready for the university of your choice.

Why should you choose York Technical College? Here are the facts.

Is the four-year university college “experience” worth the price tag? Save your money, and then go to a university to earn a bachelor’s degree. We can help prepare you to be a better student for the school of your choice. You also can work on your grade point average.

Thousands of community college students transfer each year to the universities of their choice. Remember, a good GPA from your community college is a much better credential than any high school rank or ACT score. After all, the best indicator of college ability is a successful college record.

Have fun, meet new people and become involved in the community at YTC. Our campus is packed with student activities and clubs, and there are school and organization-sponsored events taking place frequently to keep you busy.

Half the college students in America change schools before they graduate, and transferring from one university to another can not only cost you credits but money as well. Leave yourself some options. Get your hands on state-of-the-art technology and one-on-one instruction without having to compete with thousands of other students.

From York Technical College, you’ll be ready to transfer almost anywhere.