As the new president of York Technical College, I am pleased to welcome you to our latest edition of CareerFocus. I hope you find the information our teams have put together helpful in your career journey and for those close to you. The core mission at York Technical College is student success – our goal is to help ensure that each student crosses that finish line so that their lives are better due to their time at York Tech.

We have all been managing and moving through the COVID-19 pandemic – it has taken a toll on emotional well-being, physical health and wellness, economic security, and more. At York Tech, we are here for you – whether you are new to college, at any age, need to return and finish what you started, or are simply continuing your education – we have what you need. We realize there is no “return to normal,” only creating our “new normal.”

At the College, we have designed courses and programs with an extreme level of flexibility for students. That is, we have purely online options, in-person ones, and hybrid courses, where you get the best of both worlds. It has been critical for us to ensure flexibility to obtain your education even when working full-time or part-time, having family or other responsibilities, and generally needing to live your lives while in school.

Additionally, we teach primarily on four-week and eight-week terms to add additional flexibility and help ensure you may complete your credential quickly and gain momentum without adding time or additional cost to your education. Speaking of cost, I am truly proud to announce York Tech’s “No Cost to You” program. Beginning during our Wintermester term (December 13, 2021-January 7, 2022) through June 2024, York Tech will be offering your college education at no cost to you! That’s right – you will pay no tuition or course fees for your education. Whether you want to move directly into the workforce or continue your education after York Tech onto a bachelor’s degree, we are here for you. And right now, it’s at no cost to you or your family!

I look forward to seeing you soon at  York Technical College!




Stacey Moore, Ph.D.
York Technical College President