In an era of high college costs, long-term student debt, and uncertainty about career options, now more than ever, students and parents are compelled to consider a college degree as a serious investment. 

In addition to cost, several factors such as debt, post-graduation employability and wage outlook must all be weighed when deciding your college choice. The region’s best higher education value is York Technical College. York Tech’s tuition is nearly one-third the costs of the average tuition of South Carolina’s four year institutions and the college boasts a 97 % placement rate of all students after graduation, the highest among the state’s technical colleges. 

“Surprisingly, our market research indicates that many high school students and their parents believe that York Tech costs roughly the same amount as the state’s four-year institutions,” said York Technical College President Greg F. Rutherford. “The truth is, our tuition and fees are far less than any of those institutions. Attending York Tech not only is a great decision because of our quality programs, but it is a financially responsible decision.” 

Reasons to choose York Technical College: 

1. BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT: One in four Americans currently has student loan debt with the average debt at $37,172 and a monthly payment of approximately $400, according to Nitro, a resource that helps college graduates manage and eliminate student debt. It can take an estimated 10-20 years to pay off college debt. In 2017-18, York Tech’s average cost for tuition and fees was just $4,817 compared to the average tuition and fees of $6,948 for the state’s regional two-year campuses, $12,346 for the four-year public institutions and $21,236 for South Carolina’s private four-year institutions. With multiple financial assistance options, including South Carolina’s Lottery Tuition Assistance, and scholarships from the College’s Foundation, most York Tech students do not need to borrow money to pay for college. 

2. PROGRAMS TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS AND CAREER GOALS: York Tech offers over 80 programs of study, ranging from allied health, criminal justice and information technology to programs in engineering, technology, business and automotive technology. Academic program options include a two-year associate degree to shorter-term certificates that will take a matter of months to complete. Not sure what program you’re interested in? The Find Your Match tool can help identify opportunities best designed for you. Moreover, with a graduation placement rate of 97 %, it is evident that our students are well-prepared to enter into the local workforce to begin their career journey and experience lifelong rewards and benefits. Because York Tech is deeply connected to local economic shifts and the needs of business and industry in our service area, our programs help students gain the cutting edge skills needed to enter the job market.  

3. TRANSFER TO A FOUR YEAR INSTITUTION: Too many students leave home unprepared, paying too much money and taking on a significant amount of debt. Unfortunately, the pitfalls of the first year in college can have a negative impact that can last for several years. Attending York Tech for the first two years of college – enrolling in one of our university transfer programs – helps to prepare you with top-notch instructors. Most importantly, we offer course credits that will seamlessly transfer to any of the four-year colleges/universities across the state and beyond all while helping to save thousands of dollars. Additionally, high school students can get a smart, head start on their college career, while still in high school through the College’s dual enrollment programs. 

4. CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AND FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: While York Tech’s main campus is located in Rock Hill, we also operate off-campus centers in Chester and Lancaster counties. There’s bound to be one that is conveniently located close to home. Whether you are a working adult or student, we offer classes during the day and in the evenings. Additionally, both our accelerated programs and online courses are convenient for working individuals and those balancing a family life. 

5. CAMPUS LIFE AND AMENITIES: In fall 2019, the College will open its newly constructed state-of-the-art learning commons, a place where learning, student-faculty collaboration, and other college amenities converge. Outside of academics, students have opportunities to experience and participate in nearly 15 clubs and organizations, a wide-range of student programming and leadership roles, including becoming a student ambassador. The Student Leadership and Events Office is available to help students get involved in activities that will make your collegiate experience more memorable. 

If you talk to almost any York Tech student or graduate, the chances are they’ll tell you a compelling story of how York Tech changed their life. It might have been a professor who inspired them, the student support services and career counseling, a seamless four-year transfer experience that allowed them to save thousands of dollars, or a career program that led them to the job they always wanted. Whatever your story and dreams may be, York Technical College exists to serve students just like you and we want to see you achieve your optimum success!