When adults need to re-tool for a new career, community and technical colleges, like York Tech, are the ultimate resource. Here, students will find a variety of services including Academic Coaching and Tutoring, Career Resources, Counseling Services as well as support from faculty and staff to help see them through to graduation. To make the most of your return to the classroom, consider these great tips:

Don’t worry about your age. Nearly 40 percent of our students are considered “non-traditional” (over the age of 24) and are focussed on juggling jobs, families, and other responsibilities,  just like you.
Make a beeline to your advisor. Advisors can help chart your academic and financial course of action. They can walk you through the process of registering for classes and creating a class schedule that fits your needs as well as answer any questions you may have along the way.
Assess your skills. Do you need tutoring or maybe a refresher on certain skills? York Tech offers a variety of student support services to help you feel as prepared as possible for classes you may be anxious about. We’re here to help!
Study the demands of the local economy, and how to maximize the earning potential of what you’re good at.
As important as your marketability is, you should pursue what you love. Interest in a job is as important as your ability to do it.
Identify your support system. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your goals.

Today’s typical college student

  • 42% of students are over the age 24
  • 32% work full-time
  • 27% have financial dependents